What We Do

The Chester Group works with you to develop innovative models and frameworks to support your strategy and purpose. We are experts in the design and delivery of fully integrated programs that educate for the future. We work with school administrators, Boards, faculty and students to implement the thinking and programming needed to enable young people to be powerful citizens in the third millennium. We will work with you to integrate academic with co-curricular programming, and to measure the impact of this integration on student success. We will help you  ensure that every aspect of your school’s approach to teaching and learning is directed at developing a student who will thrive anywhere, anytime, working with anyone.

Our expertise extends to the use of sport as a tool of human and community development. Our deep networks and decades of experience in Canadian and international sport at the grassroots through high performance, will enable you to create and deliver superb community sport programming.

Our Services

 Institute as Incubator : Ready, Set, Dream

When Havergal College, a leading independent girls’ school, wanted new thinking to encourage young minds, it turned to Ann Peel, founding Director of the Institute at Havergal. Ann developed the Institute as an incubator to enable students to act on their ideas, and to have impact in the world.

The Chester Group is home to Ready, Set, Dream; a process Ann developed that is proven to unleash creative potential and courage in young people from kindergarten through secondary school. It became a vital part of the school’s academic life, offering students the opportunity to think and to collaborate on matters of importance to them —  girls’ education, bicycles for kids, pets in shelters for the homeless, the clothing needs of refugees and new immigrants, sustainable food production, access to clean water, and the rebuilding of natural spaces — the range was wide, and the thinking fresh and energized.

The Institute made education relevant to students. It supported deep questioning, original thinking, the active engagement in, and application of knowledge, and the desire for impact that is held even by the very young.

“I didn’t even know I had ideas until I went into the Institute. There I discovered I could change the world, even at my age.” S.F. Grade 10

Athletes In Motion http://www.childnow.ca and SportsCorps http://www.sportscorps.ca round out the Chester Group’s offerings with a specific focus on taking sport to young people where they are, in ways that capture their physical and mental imaginations.

SportsCorps — connecting kids to coaches

SportsCorps  is an entirely new approach to bringing sport to communities by connecting kids with coaches. SportsCorps is an online platform to match people who want to learn a new sport with coaches who will teach, connect and mentor them.

Athletes in Motion — bringing sport to communities

Athletes in Motion is a group of athlete coaches who bring sport programming, designed to build physical literacy, to under-served communities world-wide. AIM’s values are fun, inclusion and participation (through skill building). AIM programs begin by training high school students to lead, followed by an after school or camp program for children in the community.

Monitoring and Evaluation are something The Chester Group takes very seriously. We work with you to develop research-based indicators to monitor and evaluate your progress toward your strategic goals and objectives. Knowing where you stand enables you to learn, to adjust and to manage your success. We partner with Logical Outcomes, which provides expertise in DHIS2, and other open-source platforms, to manage your M&E so that it is real-time, accessible, and navigable by everyone in your organization.